2D Wind Shader

A simple wind sway shader that will help bring your nature scenes to life. I have included 2 different versions of the same shader effect, use whichever one works best for you. DOWNLOAD

2D Winter Platformer Asset Pack

This is a tiny, gorgeous 2D platformer asset pack with a winter theme. As usual, you will get the original Photoshop file so that you can expand on the pack as you see fit. DOWNLOAD

2D Moving Platforms

Ideal for 2D platformers of any kind that need a lot of moving platforms! Features: Closed & Open Paths Option to loop around or Ping-pong back and forth Dynamic Paths Add/Remove/Insert Points Undo Last Change Gizmos to Visualize All Paths Download

2D Water System

This is my best asset so far! A free 2D Water System. It comes in two types: Reflective/Realistic Water Cartoony Water Features: Ripples Surface Waves Splash particles Buoyancy Supports sorting layers Download

Health Bar Pack

I made a couple of sprites that you can use as placeholders in your game. Feel free to edit them however you want. I’ve included one realistic healthbar and a few simple healthbars that can easily be modified. Download

2D Desert Platformer Asset Pack

This is an unfinished 2D desert environment. I hope you can make some use out of it for your own projects! It was heavily inspired by the “Journey” game. Download

3D Platformer Asset Pack

Are you tired of spending hours creating 3D assets from scratch? I have the solution for you! My FREE Platformer 3D asset pack includes everything you need to create a stunning 3D platformer game. From collectibles to environments, it has it all. PLUS, I am throwing in a BONUS SFX pack to make your game …

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