Health Bar Pack

Health Bar Pack Category 2D License Creative Commons CC0 I made a couple of sprites that you can use as placeholders in your game. Feel free to edit them however you want. I’ve included one realistic healthbar and a few simple healthbars that can easily be modified. Download

2D forest Platformer Asset Pack

Today I’m giving away my 2D Platformer asset pack that I’ve been using for my 2d platformer tutorial series. Feel free to check it out on youtube if you need help implementing some features. DOWNLOAD

3D Platformer Asset Pack

BUILD A STUNNING PLATFORMER WITHOUT KNOWING HOW TO MAKE 3D ASSETS Are you tired of spending hours creating 3D assets from scratch? We have the solution for you! Our FREE Platformer 3D asset pack includes everything you need to create a stunning 3D platformer game. From collectibles to environments, we have it all. PLUS, we …

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